Why us

Environmentally friendly

Did you know that the most abundant form of plastic waste in the world is not all of those discarded plastic soft drink and water bottles that you see floating in our oceans and piled up in gutters and landfills but it’s actually cigarette butts?? There are about 4 TRILLION individual butts polluting our global environment right now. Facts! Traditional tobacco cigarette filters are made from a synthetic substance called “acetate” which is a type of plastic that doesn’t biodegrade for approximately 10 years. Every time someone flicks their butt onto the sidewalk or out the window of their car, you can bet that the filter will end up in some poor unsuspecting critter’s home in the woods, grasslands or dessert or get swept into the sewers and then pushed out throughout waterways and into our oceans where some sweet baby seal is going to gnaw on it. Bummer. Well, we couldn’t possibly in good conscience manufacture a filtered smokable product knowing of all this horror. But what we could do is partner with an amazing company, “Greenbutts”, who’s mission is to rid the world of acetate filters, by producing a viable alternative filter that rapidly biodegrades prior to entering the natural habitats of Earth’s wildlife. 

100% handmade soap bar


Our Solution

Greenbutts’ patented filter technology, which can be found in ALL MILESTONE HEMP SMOKES, are made from natural, food grade fibers including flax, cotton, and manila hemp with no artificial compounds or chemical residues. These filters function just like acetate filters to accurately mimic the experience of smoking a filtered tobacco cigarette. However, our filters biodegrade, on average, in less than 7 days in compost or in only 2 MINUTES when dispersed in agitated water - compare that to 10 YEARS for an acetate filter! Pretty amazing stuff. Please join Milestone Hemp in thanking Greenbutts for all they are doing to reduce the pollution in our environment!